There are many “frontline” heroes to be grateful for in 2020 – folks who are giving it all they have to help our community survive the twin health and economic crises we are all facing right now. Here at Human Solutions, we have our own “frontline” heroes who are doing an incredible job in tough circumstances to provide a safe, warm, dry and supportive place to live for people experiencing homelessness: our emergency shelter teams.

** I hope you’ll join me in thanking them this holiday weekend by making a gift today to Human Solutions. What better way to say “thank you” than by investing in what they are doing – so they can keep doing it!**

Meet our Shelter Team!

Erika, Mayra and Tamara each manage one of Human Solutions’ three emergency shelters – one for families with dependent children, the others for adults who identify as women, non-binary and gender queer – all of whom are extra vulnerable to COVID. About 220 people stay in our shelters on any given day while working to get back into housing. And every day they are there, our teams are working hard to meet their needs so they can get back on their feet, with three meals a day, positive energy, resources, referrals, and, importantly, hope.

Since COVID hit in the spring, these three shelter managers – and their dedicated teams – have kept these spaces humming, with all the added layers of cleaning, PPE, pandemic education and program reconfiguration needed to keep residents and staff safe and, in the case of children, attending virtual school.

Rising Up to Hard Work Made Harder by COVID

Basically, COVID took a hard job and made it harder. And they are doing an excellent job despite the challenges. In fact, one resident was so impressed by Mayra’s incredible work supporting residents that she nominated her for Fox 12’s “Surprise Squad” with “Joe on the Go” a few weeks back –  and she was selected! You can watch it right here – super fun!

We weren’t surprised (but Mayra was!) because we know how good she is at her job: applying our trauma-informed approach to her work, offering support without judgment, honoring residents’ strengths and lifting up their ability to choose their own path forward. Plus, she always goes the extra mile – it’s how she rolls. We’re proud of Mayra and grateful that she’s on our team.

How Can You Help More People Move from Homelessness to Housing?

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Thank you for considering a gift this holiday weekend – and for supporting us over the years. We know that it is only together that we can Build Back Better toward a more just future where everyone has a safe and affordable place to call home. Thanks for being on the team for this important work.

I hope you are enjoying a healthy holiday weekend – we appreciate you,

Andy Miller, Executive Director

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