What does the housing crisis need? YOU.

When a crisis is complex and centuries in the making, we can’t expect it to end overnight, in a year, or even within our lifetimes. This holds true for the housing and homelessness crises in our community, which drag on while people suffer on our streets and in their cars, and others are at risk of losing their housing — and with it much, much more. Without stable and affordable housing, it is nearly impossible to overcome the other challenges to our well-being that so many of us face.

At Our Just Future, we grasp the enormity and complexity of our housing crisis, and also know that big problems are solved day by day, one step at a time. Every day, our dedicated and knowledgeable team partners with people in East Portland and wider East Multnomah County — our longtime service area — to overcome the significant housing barriers they face, caused by deeply inequitable housing and eco[1]nomic systems that still privilege the wealthy, the few, and the white.

Within this imperfect context, we are proud of our impact and inspired by the persistence of the folks engaged in our programs, who so often reach their goals despite the obstacles they face. After doing this work for 35 years, our team has honed an effective strategy to build housing security in three key ways:

  • We offer emergency shelter and rapid rehousing for those experiencing homelessness so they can be warm and dry today and quickly return to permanent housing.
  • We help people experiencing housing insecurity avoid eviction and/or homelessness with rent assistance and other key supports. Helping people before they become homeless is most effective and least traumatic.
  • We build the affordable housing that is so desperately needed in our region. We currently own and operate 900 apartments in 19 housing communities with more coming soon. Oregon has one of the lowest supplies of apartments affordable to people with very low incomes; for every 100 of these households, there are just 23 affordable and available rentals.

We invite you to invest in Our Just Future today. Join us as we build a community where everyone has a place to call home.