We’re Building Climate-Smart Housing

Here in East Portland and wider East Multnomah County, we feel the effects of climate change more than other areas.

The Aurora, future home of 93 affordable apartments in East Portland

With 18 affordable housing communities in our care and more being built right now, we have an amplified responsibility to consider our impact on the environment.

Our neighborhoods in East Portland and East Multnomah County contain some of the hottest places in our region. When temps rise (as they are these days), our health, infrastructure, and ecosystems all feel the hit. This is also one of the most racially and culturally diverse parts of Oregon. Our community includes people experiencing homelessness, folks whose housing is inadequate during extreme events, climate refugees, and people whose jobs (like farmworkers) are made more dangerous by our changing climate. That’s why it’s our responsibility as developers of affordable housing to include climate justice in our work.

Our current focus is in East Portland at SE 160th Avenue and Stark Street, where we’re building 93 affordable apartments in the heart of our service area. The Aurora (named for the borealis and renewing sense of light) is on its way to being certified Earth Advantage Platinum, the highest metric in green building! We’re excited to incorporate building technologies that reduce environmental impact and prioritize resident wellbeing.

Building climate-smart for our community and neighborhoods is part of our future at Human Solutions. Housing is a human right, and there is no housing justice without climate justice. We need your partnership today to continue lifting up this essential value in our work, for the amazing East Portland and wider East Multnomah County community we call home.

Will you join us?