Ways to Get Involved in January

Bring a dish to an emergency shelter, donate items that shelter and affordable housing residents need, pick up and deliver donations in your car, and more. We’d love you to work alongside us to support and build our community. It takes a village to house a city.

January Volunteer Opportunities

January 15: Martin Luther King Day Drop-Off Potluck at Gresham Women’s Shelter
The day before the holiday, prepare a dish (or two!) to bring to our shelter for women, nonbinary, and genderqueer folks. 🥗 Sign Up!

January 16: Martin Luther King Day Drop-Off Potluck Dinner at Lilac Meadows
Join us on this day of service by bringing a homemade dish to this dinner at our family shelter. 🍲Sign Up!

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Drive for Us
Drive a regular shift between our shelters in Hazelwood and Rockwood, or sign up to be on call. 🚗 Sign Up!

Become a Large Meal Provider
Get your civic group or religious organization together to make regular meals for a shelter – 60, 75, or 140 people at once! 💖 Contact Us

Sponsor a Shelter Dinner
Cover the cost of a meal that’s cooked by a local restaurant of your choice and served to residents in any one (or combination) of our emergency shelters! 🧑‍🍳 Learn More

Cook in a Small Group at Our Shelter Kitchen
Friends, families, neighbors, and any groups who want to volunteer together can join us in our shelter kitchen to help make meals. We’d love to have you! 🍳Contact Us

Things We Need this Month

*Priority* Winter Clothing Drive for Shelters
Warm gear for winter continues to be a high priority for all three shelters. 🧥 Shop Wish List!

Gresham Women’s Shelter
We need comfortable clothing at our shelter for folks identifying as women, nonbinary, and genderqueer. 👕 Shop Wish List!

Lilac Meadows Family Shelter
Shelf-stable snacks are on the top of the list this month at our shelter for families with children. 🍪 Shop Wish List!

Support Shelter Pets
Send coats for pets and other needed supplies to our emergency shelters, which welcome people’s pets as beloved family members. 🐕 Shop Wish List!

Chestnut Tree Inn Shelter
We’re looking for undergarments, leggings, shirts, and more for folks at Chestnut Tree Inn shelter. 👚 Shop Wish List!

Supplies for Moving into Affordable Housing
Send everything from bath towels to baby diapers to new residents moving from homelessness into housing. 🚿Shop Wish List!