Your time is an investment in our community.

Our 30th Anniversary Celebration Gala & Auction is going to be a blast! And with your help, it will run like a well-oiled space craft.

Here’s what you can do to help the night be a great success:

  • Help Decorate! We’ve got a space theme going, so we’re going to light up the ceiling – and tables – with stars. 9:30 AM – 2 PM
  • Check Some Coats! It’ll be cold out, so guests will have coats. And you’ll check them 🙂 5:30 – 10 PM
  • Sell Game Necklaces. Have an outgoing personality? Like to sell (for a good cause)? We need you to walk the room inviting guests to buy a necklace (or two!) to play Heads or Tails. You’ll want to feel comfortable interrupting conversations and selling Human Solutions’ mission.
  • Sell Bricks to Build a House. Now here’s a fun one: you sell bricks for a raffle and help the buyers build a house. 5:30 – 8: 30 PM.
  • Run the Machines to Register & Checkout Guests. No need to be an data whiz, we’ll train you, but you will need to stay focused and do some important data entry. 4:30 – 9:30 PM
  • Pack Up the Silent Auction. When the Silent Auction closes, the real work begins! We’ll be packaging items nicely for guests to take home, packing up supplies, and running final bid sheets to the data folks. 5:30 – 8 PM.
  • Be a Runner for the Live Auction. This is a short-lived but KEY job. You’ll grab the paperwork for every item sold in the live auction and “run” it to the data folks so they can enter it before guests check it out. Speed and attention are needed.
  • Clean Up! Every good party needs a good clean-up crew. If you can pack up boxes, carry empty kegs and pack people’s cars, this job’s for you. 8:30 – 10:30 PM.

If you’re ready to sign up or just want to learn more, please reach out to Andie Doo at 503.548.0283 or email her at:

We’ll provide a pizza dinner & tasty dessert for all volunteers working after 5 PM.