Accountability: One Step Toward Justice

April 20, 2021

As an organization fighting alongside others for racial justice, Human Solutions is relieved that the jury today held Derek Chauvin accountable for the murder of George Floyd.

Accountability in one case – while essential – is only one step toward justice. Until Black men and boys can walk and drive freely without fearing a fatal police encounter, until our communities no longer display the grotesque racial segregation and disparities on virtually every index of human wellbeing and opportunity, until our BIPOC neighbors live free from the oppressive conditions they must daily toil against – we will continue to stand with our many partners, allies, supporters, friends and community members dedicated to the cause of racial justice where we live, work, learn and play. We refuse to accept anything less than safety and justice, and we are furious that it took such collective effort to hold one white police officer accountable.

However, we can take a breath knowing that what we all saw in that video was finally seen as the rock-solid truth it has always been. We acknowledge and are grateful for the many advocates, protesters, attorneys and movement builders who fight to ensure that Black Lives Matter. We appreciate the Minnesota jury who spoke unanimously today to the truth that George Floyd’s life mattered.