Join Us in Supporting Our Region. We Love it Here.

A group of four smiling, happy people walk down a clean Portland street.

You may have heard yesterday’s news where a prominent Oregonian called part of our beloved service area “the city of roaches.” All due respect, we’re not having it.

We hope you aren’t either.

The alarming rise in homelessness – here in our community and across the nation – is an ongoing humanitarian crisis that demands our full compassion for one another to solve. While we’re working hard on this crisis, will you help fund our efforts?

At Human Solutions, we believe in a more just future where we all have a place to call home and the economic agency to pursue our dreams. It’s a powerful vision that we work every day to turn into a reality. If we all pitch in, we can do this.

You are an essential member of the Human Solutions community. Can you support our continuing work to solve this crisis? Donations like yours mean we can help even more folks have housing and economic security. Financial support is one key way to build the future we seek. It truly takes a village to house a city – our wonderful City of Roses and each city and town in East Multnomah County, which we call home.

Fundraising ends tonight at 11:59 p.m. Thank you for doing your part!

— All of us at Human Solutions