Many of us live at risk of eviction — contribute to housing justice today!

A multigenerational family hugs on a couch

Nearly 40% of all Oregonians over 65 say they are at risk of losing their homes.

Your support will help us prevent homelessness by ensuring more people can stay in their homes!

You may know that we operate several emergency shelters where we work one-on-one with residents to find permanent housing. We also do something else that is far less visible but just as important: prevent homelessness in the first place by helping people experiencing housing insecurity stay in their homes.

With rents high and climbing higher, and wages not keeping pace, many of us live at risk of eviction. In fact, nearly 40% of all Oregonians over 65 say they are at risk of losing their homes. When our team works with folks to overcome housing insecurity, we do it in effective and lasting ways — including helping families to increase income, improve health and wellness, create positive child development, and broaden their social and safety networks.

You are a vital part of this work. Can you contribute to our continuing efforts to support families facing housing insecurity? Donations like yours mean we can help even more folks have housing and economic security, with fewer landing in their car or on the street.

Together is the most powerful way to work — thank you for doing your part!

— All of us at Human Solutions


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