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We weren’t surprised when Kimberly donated to Human Solutions earlier this year, because people are like that: they pay it forward.

They may not have much, but they have gathered enough to give back to the programs that helped them to get on their feet and move forward with their lives. With her donation, Kimberly personally thanked three members of the Human Solutions’ team, saying: “Human Solutions changed my life by supporting me and my goals.”

If you are in a position to give, I hope you will consider joining Kimberly and making a gift, too, so more people can reach their goals. Just click here to give today.

Kimberly learned a new trade and found stable housing.

When Kimberly first contacted Human Solutions for help, she was living in her car after fleeing a domestic violence situation (a common cause of women’s homelessness). While her top need was housing, she also needed a job to afford rent. Our housing team connected Kimberly to our employment team, where our stellar career coach, Shawna (pictured, below), found a path to meet both her needs!

Here’s how: our employment programs focus on career-track jobs so people have higher earnings potential over time. But often that requires unpaid training, which is hard to do when you have bills to pay. So we helped Kimberly combine a commercial driving training program with rent assistance so she could afford her rent throughout the training program. (Many stay in low-wage jobs because they can’t afford to stop working to learn a higher-paying skill.) Our team also secured funds to pay Kimberly’s training and licensing fees – and we got to accompany her to find furnishings her new apartment (both happened through partnerships with other local non-profits; we’re a network!)

Thank you for contributing to this work today – together we can create a more just future where everyone has the housing and economic security to pursue their dreams.

In Kimberly’s case and so many others, Human Solutions did what we do so well: listen to people’s hopes and dreams, identify the barriers to reaching them, then dive in to support them with expert guidance, resources and cheering (yes, cheering! people need that!) to overcome the systemic and personal barriers that have stood in their way.

Kimberly worked so hard to land her dream job driving commercial vehicles for a living, which she is doing today! It is our honor to be part of people’s journeys when they are moving from homelessness and poverty to stable housing – with a dream job! That they come back so often and give money to help others after getting help themselves is a testament to their gratitude and generosity of spirit. Paying it forward is powerful.

Thank you for taking a moment to hear about Kimberly’s inspiring journey to housing and economic security, and for making a gift today to help others make that same journey. Human Solutions’ programs work – and the more funding we have, the more people we can partner with, like Kimberly.

We can act together today for a better tomorrow. 


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Andy Miller, Executive Director