Home for the Holidays Campaign Housed 42 Families Experiencing Homelessness, Exceeding Goal

Home for the Holidays, a partnership between Multnomah County, Human Solutions, Portland Homeless Family Solutions, and Community of Hope, exceeded its goal of housing 40 families experiencing homelessness.  In just 9 weeks, Home for the Holidays successfully housed 42 families including 79 children. We worked with landlords and property owners to find vacancies, then offered rental assistance, move-in support, and access to a damage mitigation fund.


Check out media coverage of the Home for the Holidays program:

If you are a landlord with a unit that you think may meet this criteria, and would like to partner with us to help house families experiencing homelessness, please get in touch by emailing home@humansolutions.org. Someone will review your email and try to respond within one business day.

To move families in as quickly as possible, please include answers to the following questions to help us expedite the process:

  1. When is your unit available?
  2. How many bedrooms does it have?
  3. How much is the deposit and monthly rent?
  4. Where is the unit located? (You can offer the exact address or a general neighborhood or area, for example “Kenton” or “near 82nd and Stark”.)
  5. Do you allow pets?

Thank you!