Voters Said: Yes, We are All Here Together!

Local voters made history this week by supporting ballot measure 26-210 to robustly fund services  for people experiencing homelessness in our region.

The Portland metro community voted yes because they want to #BuildBackBetter and emerge from the coronavirus pandemic as a stronger, healthier community that takes care of its most oppressed members. We know everyone is safer when they get the services they need. On election night, people embraced a vision of our future that reflects our values more fully and rejects lowering our expectations based on fear and selfishness. This was an unprecedented opportunity to do what literally no other region in the country has attempted: to put together a measure that would fund resources at a scale and for a duration that would help end our chronic homeless crisis.

Everyone at Human Solutions is thrilled that Portland area voters supported Measure 26-210. This measure will not only bring the significant resources needed to solve a significant problem, it addresses the inequity underlying our economy that leaves so many with so little while others have more than enough – because the system is rigged. It’s time to really roll up our sleeves and ensure that everyone in our community has an affordable place to call home – especially People of Color who have been harmed by housing racism since the beginning of our nation.

–Human Solutions Executive Director Andy Miller

Human Solutions was proud to play a role in this victory as an active participant in the HereTogether coalition, a passionate coalition of advocates, leading members of the business community, nonprofit organizations, and elected leaders, we engaged with area voters during this period of #StayHomeStaySafe. Voters showed we truly are all here together.

We didn’t come together to pass an initiative, we united to end our homeless crisis. Passing this measure  is not the end of our efforts. It is the beginning.