Help Restock Our Shelter Pantry!

Our three shelters need pantry staples. You shop, we’ll cook!

People organize food donations. Just their hands and the food are showing.

We feed approximately 260 people every day at our three emergency shelters. It’s a huge effort that takes many hands. Special pandemic funding made the work lighter, but with access to those funds ending we’re switching strategies. We could use your help to keep our shelter kitchens humming!

3 Ways You Can Restock Shelter Kitchens

  1. Buy & send food online now. Shopping our wish list is the quickest way to get food onto our shelves.
  2. Buy a gift card online or in store. You can buy a gift card now or pick one up at a nearby store and mail it to us. Gift cards to WinCo are our top choice because it’s close to our main kitchen. We’re also happy to have cards to any major East Portland grocer. To get our mailing address, RSVP and we’ll immediately email it to you (this helps keep shelter locations confidential).
  3. Drop off food at a shelter. Over the coming weeks, grab a few extra items on your next shopping trip or share from your own pantry (you can use our wish list for inspiration), then RSVP so we can get you the confidential drop-off location in the Foster-Powell neighborhood. Food should be shelf stable and unexpired.

We’ll keep the signup options open for a few weeks, and we’ll update our wish list regularly. Want to become an ongoing supporter of our shelter kitchens? Let us know by contacting!

Need Our Address?

We protect the locations of our shelters as a matter of privacy and safety for residents, and we count on volunteers and donors to maintain this confidentiality. Anyone mailing a gift card or dropping off food at a shelter should first sign up, and then we’ll email you specific instructions. Please do not share the location of our shelters.

Want to donate other items offline or chat with us? Email and we’ll get started! Thank you to all of you who pitch in to support our shelters. We couldn’t do this work without you.