Join Future Funders: Our Just Future’s Monthly Giving Program

Welcome to Future Funders, Our Just Future’s monthly giving program. Giving monthly is great! Here’s why:

    • You can have maximum impact on the issues you care about by giving over time.
    • Automation saves you time.
    • Our Just Future can count on your support, which helps us plan ahead to deliver the best programming we can.
    • You don’t have to decide whether to give every time an ask hits your inbox, because you already made an intentional commitment to help people in your community.

THANK YOU for investing in our community by becoming a Future Funder. Our work building a more just future is stronger with you on the team!

My partner and I give to Our Just Future monthly because we know even modest gifts will have a really positive impact on the stability of families in our community. Monthly giving is convenient and important!

– Dave Dyk, Gresham Resident