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It’s Give!Guide kickoff day! And it’s an excellent time to support positive change in our region. In total, 18 local nonprofits working to solve the housing and homelessness crises are asking for your support this year in Willamette Week’s annual Give!Guide.

Each group offers a nuanced approach to big issues – from a small-but-powerful young nonprofit that helps keep Black homeowners housed to an established organization running family shelters to our team with a vision for racial, housing, and economic justice.

(Side note: This range of housing solutions showcases how complex these crises are in our region, even though some leaders in local government think it’s as simple as inhumanely sweeping people into mass camps – it’s not. There’s no separating politics from housing, so vote by November 8 and while you’re at it say yes to reforming Portland city government.)

Your dollars can contribute to powerful change, by supporting Our Just Future (formerly Human Solutions), or any of the nonprofits in this year’s Home category.

Bonus: Anyone who donates to us via Give!Guide will get an exclusive 3×6-inch sticker that says what needs to be said: Housing is a human right.

Every one of us has a role in creating a more just future here in our region. While you decide how you’ll engage before the year ends, start browsing the list of nonprofits working on the ground, vote by November 8 if you’re able to vote, and make your values known.