Our Spring Luncheon!

Wednesday, May 15 | 12 – 1:30 PM

@ The Aurora, our newest affordable housing community


Thank You to Our Sponsors!

We ❤️⁠ Our Supporters!

Thank you for the heart you put into our community.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re sending you a big, heart-felt thank you for putting your heart into our community by engaging with our programs here at Our Just Future.

Whether you have volunteered, donated needed items to our emergency shelters, or contributed funds, we are grateful for you and all that you do!

It takes a village to house a city. We’re so glad you are part of ours!


All of us at OJF

Resources During Cold Weather

Find Resources for Cold Weather

As our county prepares for the upcoming cold weather, here are some resources for yourself, and your neighbors, to keep safe.

Cold-Weather Resources


If you need access to a shelter:


Severe Weather Criteria: Multnomah County uses the following criteria to determine when conditions pose a danger to exposed, vulnerable people. Any one of the criteria below will result in a Severe Weather Notice if the conditions are forecasted to persist for four (4) hours or more during what would be severe weather shelter operating hours (8:30-6:30 am):

  • Forecasted temperature 25° F or below.
  • Forecasted snow accumulations of 1.0 inch or more sticking to the ground in most locations.
  • Forecasted temperature at or below 32° F (0° C) with rain of 1.0 inch or more overnight.

What does the housing crisis need? YOU.

When a crisis is complex and centuries in the making, we can’t expect it to end overnight, in a year, or even within our lifetimes. This holds true for the housing and homelessness crises in our community, which drag on while people suffer on our streets and in their cars, and others are at risk of losing their housing — and with it much, much more. Without stable and affordable housing, it is nearly impossible to overcome the other challenges to our well-being that so many of us face.

At Our Just Future, we grasp the enormity and complexity of our housing crisis, and also know that big problems are solved day by day, one step at a time. Every day, our dedicated and knowledgeable team partners with people in East Portland and wider East Multnomah County — our longtime service area — to overcome the significant housing barriers they face, caused by deeply inequitable housing and eco[1]nomic systems that still privilege the wealthy, the few, and the white.

Within this imperfect context, we are proud of our impact and inspired by the persistence of the folks engaged in our programs, who so often reach their goals despite the obstacles they face. After doing this work for 35 years, our team has honed an effective strategy to build housing security in three key ways:

  • We offer emergency shelter and rapid rehousing for those experiencing homelessness so they can be warm and dry today and quickly return to permanent housing.
  • We help people experiencing housing insecurity avoid eviction and/or homelessness with rent assistance and other key supports. Helping people before they become homeless is most effective and least traumatic.
  • We build the affordable housing that is so desperately needed in our region. We currently own and operate 900 apartments in 19 housing communities with more coming soon. Oregon has one of the lowest supplies of apartments affordable to people with very low incomes; for every 100 of these households, there are just 23 affordable and available rentals.

We invite you to invest in Our Just Future today. Join us as we build a community where everyone has a place to call home.

What’s Happening at OJF? Read our Fall Newsletter!

Our Fall Newsletter is here! We are excited to share with you what our team has been up to lately. There is so much to do.

In this issue:

  • Learn about our newest affordable housing community that opened to residents
    this summer!
  • See how you can get involved as we enter the Holidays.
  • Find resources that further our understanding of justice, and how we can take
    action in our daily lives.

And more!

Read our newsletter here!

P.S. We also mailed out our newsletter – be on the lookout in your mailbox! If you aren’t on our mailing list, you can join here.

Cheers! 🎉 It’s Give!Guide Season

Help OJF raise $20,000 for housing solutions!

Today is the first day of the Willamette Week’s 2023 giving season – yahoo!
Our Just Future is thrilled to be part of the Give!Guide again this year, our region’s most popular giving campaign, along with 250 other terrific non-profits that make our region a better place.
You’ll find Our Just Future (formerly Human Solutions) in the “Home” category again this year, because access to affordable housing for everyone is our top goal! When you make a gift to Our Just Future, you help us support people seeking affordable housing and economic security so they can have the housing security that everyone in our community should have.

BONUS! Today is one of the Give!Guide’s BIG GIVE DAYS, meaning that when you donate $10 or more, you could win an overnight stay at a beautiful SCP Hotel in Oregon (SCP hotels have a unique focus on personal wellness, social good, and the environment). One donation means three chances to win at three beautiful destinations!
Thank you for considering a donation today – we so appreciate your support!

PS: Exciting announcements in our fall newsletter, including our new affordable housing community and a terrific book we think you’ll love!

Welcome The Aurora, our newest housing community!

Last week we celebrated the opening of our newest affordable housing community, The Aurora, which adds 93 much-needed affordable rental apartments to the Rosewood neighborhood of outer SE Portland. We began welcoming residents this summer and are excited for the building to be fully occupied this fall.

This new affordable housing community furthers the vision of Portland voters who passed the Portland Housing Bond in 2016. Bond funds provided core funding to design and build this beautiful and relevant new housing community, the kind of permanent solution for families experiencing homelessness our community desperately needs.

What’s Special About The Aurora?

Here are some notable features of The Aurora:

  • 93 Affordable Apartments with a mix of one-, two and three-bedroom apartments for people with low and very low incomes, many exiting homelessness.
  • 16 Permanent Supportive Housing Units designed for families with children transitioning out of homelessness. This type of apartment is an important answer to our homelessness crisis because they offer targeted supports to help residents stay housed.
  • Wraparound Services to help residents maintain their housing and overall wellbeing. LifeWorks NW and Our Just Future will provide a range of on-site services, including behavioral and mental health counseling and connections to other providers to meet residents’ specific needs.
  • Resident Amenities. Residents will have free high-speed internet access in every apartment and throughout the building, a multi-use community room for activities and events, lobby lounge space, an indoor play area for kids, laundry room, outdoor play area and courtyard, and off-street parking.
  • Solar Panels to Keep Cost and Impacts Down. Residents with low incomes benefit when utility costs are lower, as they can be with solar, and our entire community benefits from renewable energy. These panels offset 50 tons of CO2 annually!

Get more project details in our project overview.

Thank you for taking a minute to celebrate with us as we build a more just future where everyone has a place to call home.

 If you need housing or know anyone who does, you can find a list of all our housing communities and how to contact them here.







Meet Elsa, OJF’s new Housing Director!

We are thrilled to welcome Elsa Natal to Our Just Future as our next Director of Affordable Housing. Elsa brings a depth of experience developing affordable housing in our region that is already boosting our production and growing new opportunities, which is exciting for us and our community.

Building affordable housing is a core part of our work here at Our Just Future, because we believe that housing is a human right and that homelessness is a housing problem. Adding more affordable rental apartments to our community is one important tool in our fight to end homelessness, because the severe lack of housing in our area is the most significant cause of the rampant housing insecurity and homelessness our neighbors are experiencing.

Meet Elsa:

Elsa’s professional mission is to provide affordable housing to those who need it most, promote housing security and build equitable communities, which aligns perfectly with Our Just Future’s vision of vibrant, healthy neighborhoods where all people can share in the security, hopes and advantages of a thriving, supportive community.

Building affordable housing is a complex endeavor. Elsa’s two decades of experience doing this work means she is able to manage the 19 affordable housing communities we already own and operate, move our current projects forward, and create a pipeline of future opportunities. As a large organization channeling public and private funds into this work, it is our responsibility to add as many new affordable units as possible as quickly as possible, and having Elsa leading our housing development team means we can live up to this big responsibility.

Importantly, Elsa is also deeply committed to and practiced in social justice work, which is essential here at Our Just Future, where addressing the racial injustices of our housing system is a top priority. Given our nation’s past when it comes to racist housing policy, those of us doing this work must prioritize racial justice, for there is no housing justice without racial justice. Plain and simple. Elsa’s experience and commitment to racial justice is inspiring – and we are so happy to have her as a part of the team! We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish next.

Building A More Just Future Takes All of Us

Food Pantry this Monday

Food scarcity can hit anyone. Please come see us Monday afternoon if you could benefit from having a little extra food this month.