Our Region’s Homelessness Crisis Needs Your Voice

Advocate with us and 190+ organizations for swifter, more effective solutions

The work to end our region’s homelessness crisis is well underway, yet too many of our neighbors are sleeping outside and waiting for help to find permanent housing. Our unhoused neighbors need compassionate and meaningful relief as soon as possible. 

The HereTogether coalition, a group of local experts in housing issues, recently released a strategic roadmap to accelerate relief for our unhoused neighbors. Human Solutions helped create this roadmap, and we are joining HereTogether and more than 190 local organizations, businesses, and elected and community leaders to support these expert-backed priorities to help more of our neighbors transition indoors in the coming months. Key actions are to:

1. Increase hygiene and sanitation services for those living outside now;

2. Expand street outreach teams to help folks find their way inside and access the services they need to get there; and

3. Increase permanent, transitional, and emergency housing so more is available for those who need it.

Our unhoused neighbors cannot wait any longer. We need your help to encourage local officials to take action on these critical programs and opportunities in the coming months. Learn more about the 2022 Roadmap and write your officials to urge strategic action now:

The 2022 Roadmap focuses on key priorities, including:

1. Expanding hygiene and sanitation services for our unhoused neighbors, while helping to clean up our streets;

2. Increasing permanent, transitional and emergency housing – adding more temporary shelters without compromising the critical need for long-term, permanent housing;

3. Immediately implementing and scaling up programs to open access move-in ready housing in the private sector;

4. Expanding effective street outreach programs that work directly with impacted people;

5. Increasing accountability, transparency, and collaboration across government entities, service providers, and nonprofits;

6. Ensuring renters applying for emergency assistance continue to be protected from eviction and receive assistance as soon as possible. 

Our region’s homelessness crisis demands swift action now. To make an impact, we are working with other experts on the front lines to craft a realistic, strategic plan that we believe will move us in the right direction. All of us – elected officials, businesses, organizations, and you – have a role to play.

Join us to support these immediate priorities to help more of our neighbors transition indoors as soon as possible.