Be a Changemaker in Your Community

Human Solutions is working to end our housing and homelessness crises – and you’re an essential partner

Staff with sack lunches at shelter

Human Solutions plays a key role in our community’s housing safety net. We provide emergency shelter for adults and families experiencing homelessness, help folks achieve housing stability and build new affordable apartments – all to help end the housing crisis in our region. We’ve adapted our programs to meet pandemic needs and even opened an additional emergency shelter for social distancing. To accomplish all this, we work with many resourceful and generous community members, like you.

5 ways you can connect with your neighbors experiencing housing instability

1. Make sack lunches or cook a dish for our shelters.
2. Organize a donation drive for essentials like diapers, pajamas, hygiene items and more.
3. Shop our shelter wish lists – in person or online!
4. Sponsor a Welcome Home Kit for families entering housing.
5. Donate any amount – financial support matters!