Back-to-School Drive for Shelter!

Help kids experiencing homelessness get ready for the new school year

At our family shelter, kids outnumber the adults – 73 kids across 35 families! – and right now we need to support these kids as they prepare to go back to school! That means backpacks, crayons, highlighters, lunch bags, socks, hand sanitizer – it’s a big list.

Want to help? It’s easy to shop our back-to-school wish list no matter where you are! This is the best way to pitch in as the families at Lilac Meadows, our family shelter, get ready for their kids’ next school year. It’s not easy living in emergency shelter, but when folks get together, we can help reduce some of the burdens.

If you’re not a fan of Amazon, you can coordinate in-person delivery by emailing or calling or texting (971) 806-7759. (By the way, if you buy backpacks that aren’t on our wish list, look for a variety of styles so kids can choose one that’s unique to them.)

Thank you to all of you who do so much to support our shelters and the wonderful people who call them home!