We’re Building More Affordable Housing and Maintaining What’s Here

The long-term solution is more affordable housing – and you’re an essential partner.

Our region lacks a supply of housing that is affordable and suitable to all who need it. That’s why we recently opened 75 apartments in East Portland’s Gateway neighborhood and are excited to have broken ground on 93 more affordable homes in Rosewood. Once this community opens to residents, we will manage 19 affordable housing sites with 897 units. We’re also renovating 42 apartments in Hazelwood to maintain the quality of our affordable housing.

For our communities to move beyond day-to-day survival, we have to repair our broken housing system, which was never designed to equitably serve all of us. Racism – from redlining and zoning laws to landlord discrimination – has always excluded BIPOC from certain neighborhoods and homes, leading to disproportionate housing insecurity and homelessness in these communities.

Human Solutions is building affordable housing in one of the most racially and culturally diverse areas of Oregon, repairing structural problems years in the making. This is how we will bring our community out of our housing and homelessness crises.

We opened The Nick Fish housing community with 75 mixed-income apartments 2021.